What golf pros can teach small business


For those of you that know me I am an avid golfer – albeit an average one at that. I also watch a fair amount of televised tournament golf.

From watching tournament golf I realised that pro’s consistently put in place a number of practices that small business could learn a few lessons from. Here are a few observations on what golf pros can teach small business.

Preparation: They and or their caddies will walk the course days prior to the tournament working out where all the obstacles are and noting distances to different parts of the course in their yardage book. For example; How far is it from the tee to the first bunker etc. They do this even though they may have played the course many times. They’ll even do it during a tournament.


Lessons for Business:


  1. Proper planning helps achieve your goals and prevents poor performance. So prepare a business plan and continually update it. It is a living breathing document the same as the pro’s yardage book.
  2. Understand all your risks and prepare a risk management plan. What is likely to impact on your business.


Attention to Detail: Golf Pro’s have a high attention to detail. Watch them before they play a shot. They will work out distance to their target which is not always the green or hole, which way the wind is blowing, camber of the course etc.


Lessons for Business:


Understand your business environment and what you need to do to prosper in that environment.

Course Management: Why does a pro take a 3 Iron off the tee, a club he can only hit about 200 metres, when the hole is either possibly reachable with the driver or it will mean he’ll be short of the green for his second on a par 4. Chances are it will be to avoid something like a creek or bunker, or to set-up the next shot.


Lessons for Business:


  1. Now you know the risk you face put in place risk management strategies.
  2. Think Strategically – don’t go for the easiest, cheapest option if the pay-off is not there.


Player/Caddie Relationship: The really successful players have a great relationship with their caddie. They listen to their advice, they discuss options and also the caddie knows their player so can confidently give him the right club for the shot in front of them.


Lessons for Business:


  1. Teamwork
  2. Get help when you need it. Be it your Accountant, Lawyer or Business Advisor. But make sure they are going to act as a “partner” in helping your business grow.
  3. Trust. No good hiring other professionals if you don’t trust them and work with them

Finally I know a lot of you out there may be saying that the successful golfers have great talent. That is true however it is a talent they have for golf. You as a small business owner have a talent for your business. Isn’t that why you started it.


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