Small business accounting that’s personal

Remember the old saying, it’s not personal, it’s business? Well we don’t believe it. Because when you’ve worked hard to grow your business, and put your heart and energy and knowledge into it, it’s incredibly personal.

PB Accountants and Advisors are a team of experienced, full service accountants who treat you like a human being and your business like a unique entity.

We support you and your business by producing financial reports, meeting your reporting obligations and keeping on top of your tax. Having easy access to accurate financial information means you’ll feel confident and informed when making commercial decisions. And outsourcing all your reporting and lodgement obligations gives you more time to focus on running your business.

Best of all, because we work via fixed price packages, you don’t have to worry that we’re going to charge you every time you call to ask a question. Ongoing support is part of the package.

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Choose your package

For business accounting we offer three fixed price full service packages for you to choose from. Helping you select a package is the beginning of what we hope will be a long and fruitful relationship with you, and your growing business.

What we like to know before making a recommendation:

  • Turnover (affects number of transactions)
  • Number of staff (impacts payroll)
  • Type of business (affects complexity of accounting needs)
  • Business structure (for existing business only)

Cloud accounting specialists

Keeping your business’ financial data securely in the cloud gives you the flexibility of retrieving your information from multiple locations. This means you can be truly mobile, with financial information at your fingertips whether you’re in the office, visiting a client, at home or on site. It also means you’re not at the mercy of an old server that’s seen better days. Put simply, your information is safely stored, yet easy to access by yourself and by us.

Need help choosing an accounting system? Just get in touch with Michael and he’ll help you decide.

Individual accounting

Our business is not restricted to business. PB Accountants and Advisors are experienced personal accountants and can manage your personal affairs too, particularly keeping your tax affairs in order.

SMSF accounting

Like being in charge of your own destiny? An SMSF has many advantages, especially if you’re an active and interested investor. But no-one really likes the tax and reporting side. Plus, it’s not always straightforward. Hand the accounting side of your SMSF over to us and leave yourself free to research your next investment.

CA ANZ Member Entity

Proudly Supporting

PB Accountants & Advisors are a member of Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand, Registered Tax Agents and Registered ASIC Agents

Liability is limited by a scheme approved under the Professional Standards Legislation

PB Advisory provided a fast and professional service and managed the Company Tax returns process extremely well and provided relevant advice that helped get the returns done without penalties.

Lucille P, Chatswood NSW

Preferred accounting systems

PB Accountants recommend Quickbooks Online (QBO) and XERO (both cloud based). We’ve had plenty of experience with both packages-- and believe that (except in rare cases) one or other of these will be the best accounting system for our clients.

Need help choosing an accounting system? Just get in touch with Michael and he’ll help you decide.

Switching to us (it’s easy!)

If you decide you’d like us to take over your accounting, we will contact your old accountants on your behalf and ask them to forward all your information to us. We’ll also notify the Australian Taxation Office of the change. Done.

It’s your choice

While we use and recommend Xero and Quickbooks Online, we’re happy to work with any accounting package you choose. After all, it’s you and your business we’re here to support.

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